Is it safe to use a hernia belt or hernia truss?

A hernia belt or truss is designed to keep the contents of your hernia inside the abdominal wall. This is accomplished by the application of pressure over the hernia defect, much like you can do with your hand, when the hernia is uncomfortable. Many patients have used hernia belts safely as a bridge to hernia surgery. Some patients may have travel or business plans when their hernia is first diagnosed. When supervised by a physician, the hernia belt can be used to minimize symptoms and the need for immediate surgery. These belts are safe and effective; however, surgery is still the best way to avoid an emergency situation. In our practice we see many patients who have used a hernia truss for weeks to years. We recommend the use of a truss as a bridge to, not instead of, surgery. For the truss to work, it must be worn properly as to not push onto a hernia. Please come in for an evaluation if you are in the Boston area and would like to learn about your treatment options.



Where can I buy a hernia truss?

It’s best if you buy a truss locally so that you can be fitted.  Most pharmacies to do not carry a hernia truss and you will probably need to go to a local hospital or medical supply pharmacy to purchase one. Remember to put the truss on when you are laying in bed so that the hernia is reduced (pushed back in the abdomen) prior to wearing the truss. You can always ask your doctor for instructions if you need help.

If you live in the Boston area and need a hernia belt or hernia truss, check out these locations:

Byrne Home Health Center in Natick, MA

Careway Wellness north of Boston