During the First Two Weeks After Fast Recovery Surgery

This applies to Fast Recovery Inguinal Hernia Surgery only. Post-recovery guidelines for other hernia repairs like laparoscopic or robotic surgeries are different.

Due to the nature of the procedure, some patients may experience decreased pain levels that lead to overestimating activity level and timelines for returning to everyday life. There could be a chance of causing problems or undoing the repair if patients resume activity too soon.

  • Feel free to walk at an easy pace as much as you like.
  • Don’t lift anything that weighs more than 25 pounds.
  • Avoid repetitive movements including bending, squatting, running, twisting, biking, etc.

After Two Weeks

  • Return to your normal exercise routine.
  • Start slow and easy, then gradually ramp up your exertion levels as the days go by.
  • Listen to your body. If you feel aching in the repaired area, dial it back.

The reason for waiting at least two weeks to resume normal exercise is simple. It takes that long for the surgical mesh to become “one” with your abdominal wall as your body builds scar tissue in and around the mesh.

Exercise After Shouldice Repair

The Shouldice procedure is a non-mesh surgery. The repair is made using strong, permanent sutures woven into the body’s own natural tissues. While this surgery does not rely as much upon scar tissue development for healing, we still recommend the same post-op guidelines concerning exercise.