An update for out of state patients

Due to a high volume of out of state patients calling our office and a very disappointing number of these either no showing appointments or cancelling surgery last minute, we are currently unable to see any patients from outside of New England. As a small practice, we do not have the resources to coordinate travel, out of state insurance verification, or gathering/reviewing medical records prior to the appointment. 

We would be happy to schedule you an initial consultation if you are within driving distance to our practice. All questions related to surgery will be answered at the time of the appointment. Our staff is available to schedule this appointment, but they are not able to answer specific medical questions prior to an initial consultation. Answers to most questions about hernias and types of repair can be found on our website.

Please remember to treat our front office staff with kindness and respect as they do their jobs according to Boston Hernia protocol. Thank you for your understanding.