• Fast Recovery Inguinal Hernia Repair

    Not all inguinal hernia repairs are the same. Our preferred approach is what we call Fast Recovery Inguinal Hernia Repair, which we're able to perform under local anesthesia with sedation leading to less post-operative pain and quicker recovery after surgery than other methods. LEARN MORE
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    From wondering if you have risk factors to how hernias are repaired, check out a complete list of frequently asked questions covering everything from types of hernias to post-op information following surgery for hernia repair. LEARN MORE
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    No matter what type of hernia repair you've undergone or might in the future, see our complete list of easy to access post-op instructions. We cover what's normal, a typical timeline, and when you can expect to feel like your old self again. LEARN MORE


Welcome to Boston Hernia, a specialty clinic completely dedicated to the diagnosis, repair, and recovery of hernias. Our focus is on providing each patient with personalized care that results in fast recoveries and incredible outcomes. We’re committed to helping you get back to your everyday life faster. Since 2001, Dr. Michael Reinhorn and staff have been committed to hernias and advancing surgical care to treat the disorder using innovative techniques including the Fast Recovery Inguinal Hernia Repair, one of its kind. We don't accept a 5-15% incidence of chronic pain after hernia surgery, and neither should you.



The advanced open pre-peritoneal inguinal hernia repair that Dr. Reinhorn performs allows for faster hernia surgery recovery than many other types of inguinal hernia surgery. Patients report less pain in the post-operative period. Many patients return to normal activity within a few days of their hernia surgery and return to full physical activity within a couple of weeks. Patients leave the hospital a couple hours after surgery to continue recovery from home.




We perform minimally invasive surgery to repair an umbilical/ventral hernia. This involves making a small incision in your abdomen in order to gain access to your hernia or hernias. A piece of mesh is placed inside your abdomen in order to repair the hernia defect from the inside. The end result of this umbilical/ventral hernia repair is identical to laparoscopic hernia repair, but the procedure is less invasive. There is less dissection involved and local anesthesia with sedation is often used instead of general anesthesia, leading to a quicker recovery.




Boston Hernia is a focused surgical practice located in Wellesley, MA, less than a mile from Newton-Wellesley Hospital, just outside of Boston. We provide hernia care for patients throughout New England, including New Hampshire, Rhode Island, Maine, Connecticut, and Vermont.


Our clinic exists so we can help patients find clear-cut answers to their hernia diagnosis and repair options without having to experience the frustration of being another number on a surgeon’s agenda. We continually strive to make an impact on the lives of our patients and help them return to all the things they love.


We bring surgical decision making to the patients. The team at Boston Hernia practices a collaborative approach emphasizing the importance of spending more time with each patient, examining, educating, and discussing treatment options. We’re focused on having a medical provider be the contact at every point of care.


Dr. Michael Reinhorn is a specialist in inguinal hernia and umbilical hernias. He started his practice as an all-encompassing general surgeon in 2001, and in 2012, he started to specialize in the care of hernia and pilonidal patients resulting in a focused practice designed to provide a superior clinical experience.


“While hernia surgeries have become common, any surgery, however routine, can be dangerous. The charge, therefore, was to find a top-flight surgeon with impeccable credentials and a bulletproof track record. It was no contest. The reviews for Dr. Reinhorn were not only good but stellar- written by people who at once were credible not only because of what they said but how they said it. In July, Dr. Reinhorn, backed by a crack team, excised the hernia in a seamless 45-min procedure. I was back home three hours later. Indeed, there was expected post-surgical aftermath but I quickly was back to normal and, most important it should be stressed that I (while prescribed) took no pain medication.”

- Herb S.

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