You want the best for your employees

When it comes to hernia surgery, having the right surgeon can mean the difference between a healthy employee or a pain ridden employee.  That’s why it’s important to choose the right surgeon the first time. At Boston Hernia, we only perform hernia surgery. This focused approach has lead to significantly better outcomes for our patients including less pain, less opioid use, and the lowest recurrence rate in the US as reported by ACHQC.

Faster Recovery

Your employees return to work sooner and healthier

Time lost to prolonged recovery and pain, or hernia recurrence can be a greater expense than the surgery itself. Employers can avoid this complication and have a healthy and productive employee by choosing Boston Hernia. Over the course of 5,000 hernia surgeries performed by Dr. Reinhorn and Dr. Fullington, we have perfected a fast recovery procedure that returns employees to work and the gym in days with 40% of our patients missing no work at all.

Surgery Bundles

You can have the best hernia surgeon for a fixed cash price 

Surgeries are an expensive event for employees and health plans. Our hernia surgery bundle can reduce your costs by as much as 50% while eliminating surprise billing. Bundles are a cost-effective solution for hernia  surgery, and we can work directly with any benefit plan to arrange travel and logistics for your employees.

One Payment

Simplified Bundled Surgery Costs

With a Boston Hernia surgical bundle, you can take the worry and uncertainty out of the equation so employees can focus on getting better. Instead of having claims from the facility, the surgeon, and anesthesia, you’ll receive one all inclusive bill with no surprises. It’s a simple and single price for everything. That’s a relief for you and your employee.


Boston Hernia was founded to take care of patients with inguinal and umbilical hernias. We see 2000 new patients and repair almost 1000 hernias each year.
Our specialized clinic has moved on from the traditional general surgery model allowing us to focus exclusively on one surgical problem and become international experts in it, providing the very best care to our patients.
Decades of focus has led our practice to virtually eliminate the dreaded problem of chronic postoperative inguinal hernia pain. We perform better, safer surgery more efficiently than most providers and have had our outcomes reviewed by our peers and published in journals.



No more confusion around cost

Fees for day of surgery and uncomplicated postoperative care are all-inclusive - surgeon, assistants, facility fees, and anesthesia.

Office Consultation: $350

Inguinal Hernia Repair: $7394*

Umbilical/Ventral/Incisional Hernia Repair: $7394*


 Surgeon & Assistant Fee Only: $2250*

*Per hernia, for qualified patients. Additional fees may apply. Some patients may not qualify. NH pricing is different.

Please see here for important information about our pricing.



Boston Hernia produces measurably better outcomes

Studies consistently show more experience leads to better surgical outcomes

Boston Hernia has superior results in hernia surgery when comparing to general surgeons because we specialize in one thing. Patients recover faster, return to work faster and have less complications


BOSTON HERNIA specializes in a variety of hernia repair techniques and guides patients towards the best outcomes quality of life in recovery


Use the tool below to see what surgical options are available to you*


  • Prostate removal for cancer
  • Pulmonary embolism or DVT
  • Stroke
  • Mechanical heart valve
  • Prior laparoscopic or robotic repair of your current hernia

* This tool is not a substitute for a surgical opinion. These options are just estimates and may not be accurate for some patients. Many more variables come into play into surgical decision making, and seeing a hernia specialist is the only way to understand which options are available and best for an individual patient. We created this page so that patients coming to see a hernia specialist are able to do more focused reading or research before or after a consultation.  Specific questions and answers can be seen in our FAQ page.  Many people have unique questions or needs that can be addressed at a consultation with a hernia surgery specialist.