Boston Hernia Quality Report 2023

* Volume data is for calendar year 2022

Another busy year at Boston Hernia! In just her first full year here, Dr. Fullington surpassed Dr. Reinhorn in number of hernia repairs performed. Both surgeons continued to have excellent surgical outcomes as demonstrated below. They remain dedicated to quality improvement and authored multiple papers, book chapters, and gave various talks on quality in hernia surgery in 2022.

One of the highlights of our year is that we finally published a peer reviewed paper after years of hard work collecting and analyzing our own surgical data. This paper suggests that an open preperitoneal inguinal hernia repair, in skilled hands, provides better and faster recovery than laparoscopic or robotic inguinal hernia repairs.

Office Volume Data:

# of new patient consults: 1766

Total # of office visit: 2594

Surgical Volume Data:

Total # of hernias repaired: 959

Dr Fullington # of hernias repaired: 496

Dr. Reinhorn # of hernias repaired: 463


Dr. Fullington & Dr. Reinhorn Quality Data

Peer Reviewed Publications in 2022:

Reinhorn, M., Fullington, N., Agarwal, D., Olson, M.A., Ott, L., Canavan, A., Pate, B., Hubertus, M., Urquiza, A., Poulose, B. and Warren, J., 2022. Posterior mesh inguinal hernia repairs: a propensity score matched analysis of laparoscopic and robotic versus open approaches. Hernia, pp.1-12.

Perez, A.J., Petro, C.C., Higgins, R.M., Huang, L.C., Phillips, S., Warren, J., Dews, T. and Reinhorn, M., 2022. Predictors of low and high opioid tablet consumption after inguinal hernia repair: an ACHQC opioid reduction task force analysis. Hernia, pp.1-9.

Reinhorn, M., Ott, L. and Fullington, N., 2022. Comment to “Psychological disorders in patients with chronic postoperative inguinal pain”. Hernia, pp.1-2.

Higgins, R.M., Petro, C.C., Warren, J., Perez, A.J., Dews, T., Phillips, S. and Reinhorn, M., 2022. The opioid reduction task force: using the ACHQC Data Registry to combat an epidemic in hernia patients. Hernia, 26(3), pp.855-864.

Reinhorn, M., Dews, T., Warren, J.A. and Abdominal Core Health Quality Collaborative Opioid Task Force* Rana Higgins Clayton Petro Arielle Perez Benjamin Poulose Michael Rosen Lauren Ott Todd Harris Amitabh Goel Ruth Potee Chad Brummett Gordon Hafner Anthony Iacco, 2022. Utilization of a national registry to influence opioid prescribing behavior after hernia repair. Hernia, pp.1-7.

Ott, L., 2022. Shouldice Repair for Left Direct Inguinal Hernia. Journal of Medical Insight, 2022(5).

A pragmatic, evidence-based approach to coding for abdominal wall reconstruction Hernia 2022

International volunteer Projects:

Research Collaboration with the Royal College of Surgeons England led Humanitarian Surgery initiative. – Developed text and written exam on non mesh inguinal hernia repair for research as to the impact on using technology to increasing surgical capacity in LMIC.

Ongoing research and authorship projects:

Invited authorship of book chapters on inguinal hernia repair in:

Fisher’s Mastery of Surgery

Shackelford’s Surgery of the Alimentary Tract

Surgical Clinics of North America

Rosen’s Atlas of Abdominal Wall Reconstruction


Past Years’ Quality Reports: