NBC 10 Boston pays Boston Hernia a visit - Summer 2019


Summer 2019 -

Dr. Reinhorn was recently interviewed by Kristy Lee of Boston NBC Chanel 10.  She asked some very insightful questions about the approach we use to inguinal hernia repair. Kristy shows an actual bicycle tire, in order to explain the differences between the way we fix a hernia and the way most surgeons repair a hernia.


Publication on Opioid Prescribing - Summer 2017


Lauren Ott and Michael Reinhorn partnered with surgeons from the MGH to study the number of opioid tablets prescribed for hernia surgery.  They were innterviewed in the local Newton Tab while the MGH published an article about their work.  As a result of this work, Dr. Reinhorn is helping lead an effort to measure and reduce opioid prescribing nationally through the Americas Hernia Society.