March 1, 2021

Like most of you, we are delighted that several vaccines have been approved by the FDA.  Due to the side effects of the vaccine, we are recommending that you do not have hernia surgery for at least 5 days before or after your vaccination.  While there is no formal recommendation related to this, some patients experience fevers and side effects that may affect their ability to have surgery, or may complicate their recovery.

December 7, 2020 Update

Hospitals are seeing a large increase in patients.  We are unable to accommodate patients outside of New England during the pandemic – if you are looking for a referral to a local provider, please call your primary care provider or go to Americas Hernia society find a surgeon page

If you live in New England and would like to schedule an appointment, please call at 617-466-3373

November 16 Update

Massachusetts, like the rest of the country is experiencing an resurgence of Covid-19 infections. This may have an impact on operating room availability for our patients. We have seen and extraordinary demand for hernia surgery in the last two months.  We appreciate your patience and understanding as we do our best to take care of patients in these unprecedented times.

Update October 3, 2020

We are doing in person appointments almost exclusively at this time.  We have found that the patient experience, when needing surgery, is enhanced with in person consultations.  We appreciate your understanding as the situation evolves.


Update August 10, 2020

While MA is in phase 3, we are offering the convenience of in person or telemedicine appointments for new patient appointments. Please call to schedule an appointment at your convenience


Update July 14, 2020

Masks are required for any in person interaction. Same week in person follow appointments are available to patients who have a telemedicine appointment first.  Limited in person new patient appointments are available for appropriate patients.

Update June 7, 2020  –

Covid 19 –  Phase 2 update:

Based on the improving situation in Massachusetts, we will be following DPH reopening guidelines for Phase 2 which starts June 8, 2020. 

  • Telemedicine is still strongly encouraged for initial evaluation for hernia and pilonidal. 
  • In-person office appointments will be scheduled as clinically appropriate; both for follow up from telemedicine visit and for patients who do not have telemedicine capabilities.
  •  Additionally, we are now able to schedule surgery.

For details of the DPH reopening requirements, read this: Health and Human Services Reopening Approach

Update 5/19/2020 –   Please read all updates.

On May 18, the MA DPH issued the following update:
Only a limited set of in-person services will resume, including:
• High-priority preventative services including pediatric care, immunizations and screenings for at risk patients
• Urgent procedures for conditions that, if left untreated, would lead to high risk or significant worsening of the patient’s condition, based on the provider’s clinical judgment

At Boston Hernia, in order to ensure your safety, and the safety of our staff, we are evaluating patients via telemedicine first. If we feel your condition warrants urgent treatment, we will set up an in person follow up appointment. Patients with worsening pain, intestinal or urinary symptoms from a hernia require more urgent surgery. Call the office to schedule an appointment so we can help you understand what your options are.

The process of reopening is going to be slow.  Elective surgery for hernia will likely resume sometime in June.

Local hospitals, surgery centers and our practice are taking extra precautions to protect our patients

  • Telemedicine appointments have replaced in person appointments for initial evaluation.  In person follow ups are scheduled at the discretion of the providers
  • In the office, we are scheduling patients less frequently and cleaning thoroughly between patients
  • For surgery, only patients who have a negative COVID-19 test are allowed to have elective and sometime urgent surgery

Update 5/7/2020 Massachusetts is on a slow  decline in Covid-19 cases

Due to our fellow citizens efforts with social distancing, MA was able to bend the curve and avoid overwhelming the hospitals.  This required hospitals increasing their capacity, shutting down elective procedures, and asking hospital employees to work in way that they are not used to.  Over the coming weeks, MA hospitals and surgery centers will be able to offer surgery for patients with more serious medical conditions, like cancers, limb and life threatening vascular conditions.  These types of procedures will take priority over other medical conditions.  Patients with intestinal obstruction from a hernia still require more urgent intervention and are not really classified as “elective”.  If you have worsening symptoms from a hernia, please contact us so we can help prioritize your care.  In our practice we have instituted several policies to protect our patients and our staff:

  • All new patients are evaluated using a virtual visit, often within a week.  
  • After a virtual visit, if we feel that an in person visit is required, we will make arrangements for an in person visit
  • Urgent surgery is being scheduled almost every week
  • Elective surgery will be scheduled when appropriate and available to the public
  • For in person appointments patients are asked to stay in the car and text the office to be let in
  • Patients will be led directly into an exam room and will not wait in a waiting room
  • Patients a required to wear a mask upon entering the building
  • Patients must clean their hands with an alcohol based wash when entering the office
  • No visitors are allowed, only patients
  • Temperatures will be taken before patients are seen. Patients with a fever will be sent home without being seen in person
  • Paperless communication is requested for insurance, consents, financial interactions
  • Exam rooms are cleaned between every patient per local authority guidelines
  • If you or someone in your family is sick or has a fever, please stay home so we can take care of you and others at a later date
  • We are available for virtual visits almost every day
  • Unfortunate, due to the ongoing shortages of operating room availability we can no longer accommodate request for a surgical date far into the future. When operating room time is provided to us, surgery will be scheduled on a first come, first serve basis with priority given to patients who have a clinical condition that requires urgent surgery and those who’s surgery was cancelled.

For patients who are being scheduled for more urgent, or elective surgery in one of our locations:

  • New restrictions likely include:
    • Negative Covid-19 test 48-72 hours prior to surgery
    • Self quarantine after a Covid-19 test
    • additional testing or restriction unique to each facility
  • Patients need to be flexible about date and time of surgery. Only one or two dates will be offered until all patients are taken care of.
  • Patients are asked to be courteous to all staff at Boston Hernia & Pilonidal Center and each of the facilities we work with
  • Because of limited Operating room availability, patients who are unable to accept surgical dates that are offered will be placed on a waiting list for surgery



Update 4/25/2020 – Massachusetts is in the middle of it’s Covid – 19 surge

Social Distancing and Hand Washing has limited the number of residents infected.  MA hospitals have more than doubled their capacity to take care of critically ill patients. Due to these measures, local hospitals have been able to handle the volume of patients that have fallen ill.  Hospitals expect that the high volume of patients will continue for the coming weeks and potentially months.  Discussions about how to resume more elective care have started.  In the meantime, patients who have more urgent conditions can get the care they need.  In our practice this means an initial telehealth encounter to assess the situation and come up with a safe game plan.  We are able to schedule a virtual visit almost any day of the week

Update 4/17/2020 – The situation is evolving quickly, so please check in frequently

Social distancing is critical to reduce the impact of this Pandemic – please read the CDC’s recommendations below:

In an effort to “flatten the curve”, we are scheduling office visits as telemedicine consults through phone or video call. If you have a scheduled appointment, please call the office to make arrangements. We are using zoom’s secure HIPAA compliant platform.

The process is simple:

1. Call or schedule an appointment
2. One of our staff members will contact you within 24 hours to discuss condition
3. If needed, schedule telemedicine appointment, learn more here
4. Arrange next steps

We are able to guide almost everyone in the same way we would in person. Dr. Reinhorn has been using a telemedicine platform for over 5 years and has extensive experience guiding patients with this technology. Lauren Ott PA-C has evaluated well over 2000 patients for hernia and is now offering the same service.

Call us at 617-466-3373 or fill out the form below

Fill out my online form.

All elective surgeries are on hold for now.  We are hopeful that we will be able to start performing elective surgery by the beginning of June.