Boston Hernia Quality Report 2020

Boston Hernia Quality Report – For patients taken care of in calendar year 2019


Total hernia surgery patients: 499 

Total Umbilical/Epigastric hernia: 72

Total Inguinal hernia: 470 (including 53 patients who had bilateral hernia)


Total number of patients recorded in the AHSQC registry: 499

Total number of hernia patients with 30 day post op outcomes recorded:  359 

Total number of inguinal hernia patients with 6 months outcomes: 116 (out of 860 nationally)

Unplanned return to the OR – 1 of 499 (0.2%)

Wound infection: 2 of 499 (0.5%)

*Recurrence will be reported after 12 months, as 6 month recurrence rate is not an accurate measure


Quality of life graphs for BH inguinal hernia n=116 in blue, n=860 in green for entire AHSQC –  see link here for more detailed information about EuraHS

Boston Hernia Quality report data



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