Boston Hernia Quality Report 2022

Boston Hernia Quality Report 2022* 

* Volume data is for calendar year 2021


Big news in 2021.  We were lucky to recruit Dr. Nora Fullington, and accomplished hernia and laparoscopic specialist.  Dr. Fullington joined us in May and worked together in the operating room with Dr. Reinhorn during the first 2 months.  The quality report for her includes only 8 months, but demonstrates the same level of quality as Dr. Reinhorn.


Office Volume Data:

Number of unique patients evaluated in practice: 1617

Number of office visit: 2429

Practice Surgical Volume Data :

Total # of hernias repaired: 766

Number of unilateral inguinal/femoral hernia: 423

Number of bilateral inguinal/femoral hernia: 74

Number of umbilical/ventral/epigastric hernia: 129

Number of laparoscopic hernia: 66

Individual Surgeon Volumes:

Dr. Reinhorn:

Office Evaluations: 1024 patients and 1211 visits

Surgeries: 511 patients (some with multiple procedures)

Inguinal hernias – 481

umbilical/ventral hernias – 91

Dr. Fullington**:

Office Evaluations : 610 patients and 673 visits (8 months)

Surgeries: 268 patients  (8 months) 

open inguinal hernia – 195

open umbilical/ventral/epigastric – 52

laparoscopic  hernias – 66

**Dr Fullington’s data is for 8 months of 2021, since joining Boston Hernia. 

General Volume and Quality Data from the ACHQC**


Inguinal Hernia Quality of Life and Recurrence Outcomes:

Quality of life and recurrence graphs for Boston Hernia Surgeons for inguinal hernia:

Dr. Fullington has 6 month data for 2021 and Dr. Reinhorn has 1 year data since 2018  –  see link here for more detailed information about EuraHS

Umbilical Hernia and Ventral Hernia Quality of Life and Recurrence Outcomes:

*Lower HerQLeS summary score means worse QoL and higher HerQLeS summary score means better QoL.


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