Inguinal Hernia Surgery Near Boston

Are you looking for  inguinal hernia surgery near Boston?   Dr. Michael Reinhorn founded Boston Hernia in order to provide the best quality in inguinal hernia surgery in the area.  Inguinal hernia surgery is complicated, and results are quite variable.  While most patients have good outcomes, about one in ten patients may have long term issues due to their inguinal hernia surgery.   Boston is know for it’s many top physicians, and you have a lot of choices.  Many general surgeons are trained in the repair of inguinal hernia as it is one of the most common general surgery procedures.  However, because of the complexity, some specialized hernia centers have demonstrated better outcomes than traditional hospitals.  Dr. Reinhorn believes that by focusing on a small number of problems, he can provide the highest quality care.

Many surgeons repair inguinal hernias, but few make it their primary area of focus.  Dr. Michael Reinhorn focuses on inguinal hernia surgery, umbilical hernia surgery and pilonidal cyst surgery only. By specializing, we are able to provide the highest level of care for an inguinal hernia.  Dr Reinhorn started his practice in Concord, Massachusetts, only 15 miles outside of Boston.  He became a hernia specialist thorough additional training in both laparoscopic and open minimally invasive hernia surgery.   As his practice has grown, he has been able to focus and learn more about these conditions.  In our practice we strive to teach our patients as much as possible about their condition so that together we are able to make informed decisions about our patients care.  The more educated our patients the better.  We encourage you to look around our site, check out our videos here, and come see us in our Newton office.   If you are interested in more information, but live too far away, we are looking into telehealth second opinion consultations .