Inguinal Hernia Surgery Near Hartford, CT

Inguinal Hernia Surgery Near Hartford, CT

Inguinal hernia surgery near Hartford, CT is a relatively common procedure. Whether or not your inguinal hernia was caused by age, and old injury, poor diet and exercise regimen, etc. There are many services available by professional practices that have many years experiencing with just what you are looking for. Dr. Michael Reinhorn specializes in inguinal hernia surgery near Hartford, CT. His interest has always surrounded surgical procedures having to do with intestines, gallbladder and hernias, and he has obtained numerous awards for being one of the best surgeons around. Successfully performing more than 1820 inguinal hernia surgery cases (as of 2014) he continues to help those that are in need.

Symptoms That Indicate Looking into Inguinal Hernia Surgery near Hartford, CT

Many times, people do not feel any type of symptoms right away. You may never know that you have an inguinal hernia until going to visit the doctor for a routine exam – which many people do not attend as often as they should. There are many signs, however, including:

  • A bulge just outside of your pubic bone
  • Discomfort and/or pain in the groin area
  • Persistent pressure or weakness in the groin
  • Pain in swelling around the scrotum
  • Issues when coughing, sneezing, stretching or bending

These are all indicators that you may want to look into what is going on, and what undergoing inguinal hernia surgery near Hartford, CT, entails during the process. When it comes to making sure you are in good health, an inguinal hernia is nothing to joke about or push to the side. We would not want anybody to suffer through more pain then they need to when it comes to a hernia, and this is part of the reason why we work to provide top-notch care to the people of the Hartford, CT area.

Vast Experience with Performing Inguinal Hernia Surgery near Hartford, CT

Dr. Reinhorn has undergone extensive schooling and is no stranger to this line of practice. Performing over a few thousand procedures in New England, his surgical skills excellent and well practiced. Offering the best care the surgeons that we can offer, he will ensure that when you undergo your inguinal hernia surgery near Hartford, CT, you are comfortable, aware of the process, wake up with minimal pain, and will assist you with the healing process. Many have travelled far to have Dr. Reinhorn perform their inguinal hernia surgery near Hartford, CT, because of his skill, and the kind-hearted nature of his practice.

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