Inguinal Hernia Surgeon Near Providence, RI


Dr. Michael Reinhorn is a highly esteemed and sought after inguinal hernia surgeon near Providence, RI. Offering a wide variety of different procedures, his specialty is being an inguinal hernia surgeon near Providence, RI. There are many things that patients and potential patients consider, or should at least, prior to undergoing a surgical procedure. One of the most important aspects is their comfort level with the surgeon. For those individuals who have to undergo surgery for a hernia, they may have many feelings associated with the procedure. Dr. Reinhorn and his highly trained staff completely understand this and are there to offer the proper support, to help you regain your life back, and to teach you how to maintain it.

An Inguinal Hernia Surgeon near Providence, RI Who Cares About Your Well-Being

Dr. Reinhorn, an inguinal hernia surgeon near Providence, RI, genuinely cares about your well-being. He has said it himself that the main reason why he does what he does is not only because he is great at it, but he wants to be able to educate people and show them how to relieve stress and pain related to hernias. They are terribly uncomfortable and there is no reason to endure pain and be prevented from enjoying activities that people normally partake in. When you have an inguinal hernia – some of the simplest tasks prove to be very difficult and most hernias will require a surgical procedures to fix them. Utilizing state of the art materials and tools, our inguinal hernia surgeon near Providence, RI is helping people, one procedure at a time.

Once an Inguinal Hernia Surgeon near Providence, RI Has Been Chosen

Dr. Reinhorn will set up a consultation and receive a full background of your medical history. He will also inform you on how to prepare yourself for the procedure both mentally and physically, whilst taking the time to speak with you and ensure you are fully informed and comfortable every step of the way. Improving himself and others daily is a passion of his, and he treats every patient with the utmost care and compassion. Working with patients from various age groups, he is fully equipped and capable of handling every case that comes in his direction.

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