Shouldice hernia surgery near Boston, MA

Shouldice hernia surgery near Boston, MA

Are you looking for no-mesh hernia surgery near Boston, MA?

The Shouldice repair is the Canadian, no mesh hernia surgery repair first described by Dr. E.E. Shouldice in the 1940’s.  This repair uses a patients natural tissues to repair the defect in the abdominal wall and avoids the use of mesh. Dr. Reinhorn went to the Shouldice Hospital to learn this technique from the experts. In the years following, he honed his skills in this approach and since 2015, we have performed about 100 of these repairs per year.

While there is a lot of media attention about the complications of mesh hernia surgery, we find that in carefully selected patients, in experienced hands, both mesh and no mesh repairs have excellent results.


Historical background: from Bassini to Shouldice

Inguinal hernia repair has come a long way. In 1889, Dr. Edoardo Bassini’s innovative suture technique became the gold standard for decades. It achieved a remarkable 10% recurrence rate without mesh, a revolutionary approach at the time.

However, Dr. Earl Shouldice recognized limitations in the Bassini repair. In 1945, he founded the Shouldice Hospital and refined the technique. His meticulous approach, four layered repair and recreation of a normal anatomical ring, significantly improved outcomes. This technique boasts lower recurrence rates (1-3%) and minimizes chronic pain.




Who is a good candidate for no-mesh hernia surgery?

The Shouldice Repair is a unique approach with excellent results, but it’s not for everyone. Good Candidates: 
Smaller abdominal girth (less strain on repair)
Interest in avoiding mesh


Want to know what hernia repair might be best for you? Try our repair calculator here


No-mesh repair can be a great choice for many patients. We offer consultations to discuss your specific case and determine if no-mesh surgery is the right approach for you. Our experience with both mesh and no-mesh techniques ensures the best possible outcome based on your individual needs.


For those in whom a mesh repair is best, a posterior mesh repair (fast recovery – open pre-peritoneal or laparoscopic repair) provides for a lower recurrence and low incidence of chronic pain, making it the better choice.




Dr. Reinhorn performs the no-mesh Shouldice repair just outside of Boston, MA

Dr. Michael Reinhorn trained in general surgery in Boston. Dr Reinhorn has been in practice since 2001, first in Concord, MA, and now in Wellesley, MA.  He has performed over 5000 hernia operations on patients from all over New England and beyond.  Many patients travel long distances by car or fly to have their hernia surgery performed by a surgeon who focuses on inguinal and umbilical hernia.  Since the demand for no-mesh hernia surgery has risen in the Boston area, Dr. Reinhorn has taken the lead in offering the Shouldice repair.


About Our Surgeons

Dr. Michael Reinhorn is a specialist in inguinal hernia and umbilical hernia.  Dr. Reinhorn started his practice as a full service general surgeon in 2001. In 2012 Dr. Reinhorn started to focus on the care of hernia patients.  In 2021, Dr. Nora Fullington joined Boston Hernia as a second hernia specialist. This focused practice has been designed to provide a superior clinical experience. Together we perform approximately 1000 hernia surgeries every year. Drs. Reinhorn and Fullington have published their outcomes and continue to participate in hernia and surgery societies. Our research has led to a reduction in opioid prescribing after hernia surgery.