What to expect on the day of surgery and after?

On the day of surgery, you are required to come to the hospital approximately 60 minutes before your scheduled operation. This is necessary to allow time for you to change, have an intravenous started, speak with the nurses, anesthesiologist and me. I suggest you wear loose comfortable clothing.

Surgery can take approximately 1 hour for a single hernia. Depending on the complexity of the hernia and its size, surgery may take more or less time.

Most people spend 1- 2 hours recovering from surgery in the hospital.

Once home, it is important to stay ahead of any pain or discomfort. While half of my patients take Tylenol only, I provide everyone with a prescription for pain medication. Most people will feel the most discomfort over the first 48 hours after surgery. This is typically the time when there is the most swelling and black and blue discoloration.

By 2 weeks, almost everyone is back doing everything they did before surgery.