How many hernias has Dr. Reinhorn repaired?

Dr. Reinhorn started his career as a general surgeon doing all different kinds of abdominal surgeries including colon, gallbladder, appendix, and hernia surgery. Early in his career, he observed that the specific procedures he performed the most of felt easier, and patients often had less complications. He chose to focus on inguinal hernia surgery because he met so many patients who had poor outcomes after inguinal hernia surgery. Dr. Reinhorn stopped using the mesh plug in 2002, when he became a high volume laparoscopic inguinal hernia surgeon. He then advanced to the fast recovery inguinal hernia repair technique in 2004, long before data showed that posterior mesh placement and local anesthesia are superior to other ways of fixing hernias. Dr. Reinhorn’s practice is now almost exclusively dedicated to inguinal hernia, umbilical hernia and pilonidal disease. Over his career Dr. Reinhorn has repaired over 3000 hernias and now repairs approximately 400 hernias each year. Additionally, Dr. Reinhorn is one of few surgeons performing the cleft lift procedure for pilonidal disease. Our practice is dedicated almost exclusively to taking care of patients with inguinal hernia, umbilical hernia, epigastric hernia and pilonidal disease. This sub-specialization allows for expertise in treatment of these conditions, including unique surgical procedures with better outcomes.